Why Voice

Why Customers Prefer Voice Communication

Speaking is more convenient, fast, and expressive as compared to texting or e-mailing

customer chosing voice over other communication mediums

Voice is an organic way of communication for humans than texting

This shift provides a natural and seamless flow to processes

Faster responses and zero wait time on voice calls as compared to text

Customers prefer calling over texting to get quick answers

Real-time, meaningful conversations give a sense of being heard

Customers feel positive and connected to the brand

Benefits of Integrating Speech AI Solutions to Your Contact Centers

AI-Powered Voice Assistant can have natural, human-like conversations with customers in multiple languages. It can personalize the customer journey and automate their interaction channels. Other Speech AI solutions like Speech Analytics, Speech Recognition (Speech-to-Text), and Speech Synthesis (Text-to-Speech) enrich the customer experience and reduce organizational costs.

Speech Recognition creates more satisfying self-service interactions with customers and enables callers to input information using voice commands. With Speech Synthesis solutions, businesses can create brand voices with accents and emotions powered by Speech AI and deep learning.

  • First-contact resolution by identifying customers’ intent and providing personalized solutions.
  • Reduce on-hold time and respond instantly with 24/7 customer support.
  • Automate level one queries and provide complete context to agents in case of escalation.
  • Make personalized conversations with your customers in your custom brand voice with Speech Synthesis.
  • Analyze customer sentiment and gauge how to best address any issues.
  • Reduce call volumes and agent bandwidth by integrating AI Voice Assistant in customer interaction channels.
  • Resolve level one queries and provide only complex queries to human agents.
  • Lower the operating cost by automating Call Backs, Reminder Calls, Renewal Calls, collections, and Sales Calls.
  • Lower the cost of quality assurance and reduce cost per call through shortened handle times, average hold time, and fewer transfers.
  • Eliminate recurring costs by communicating in your brand voice every time in your customer interaction channels.
  • Identify leads, up-sell, and cross-sell opportunities in real-time.
  • Increase sales conversion rates and values based on the distribution of best practices.
  • Surge promise-to-pay ratios (debt collection) and provide quicker response and pricing information.
  • Reduce customer churn and provide real-time analytics by tailoring calls to customers.
  • Use your custom brand voice to effectively communicate with customers and reduce Go to Market time.
  • Reduce long waiting time by transforming complicated IVR menus and provide direct customer interaction.
  • Increase customer retention rate and loyalty by responding to their queries instantly.
  • Identify frequent issues and deficiencies to improve customer satisfaction rates.
  • Get customer feedback and understand what your customers are saying about the topics and derive actionable business insights.
  • Quickly capture attention and effectively connect with your customers in your consistent brand voice.
  • Analyse and score all interactions for selling opportunities achieved and missed.
  • Identify calls representing potential violations, laws and regulations, high risk or low-quality calls, and ethical standards.
  • Transcribe calls in real-time and analyze agent performance to understand the reasons for inefficient customer interaction.
  • Provide learning opportunities for agents as feedback can be requested immediately after a flagged call for poor performance or compliance risk.