According to the AI leaders worldwide, 73 % of the Customer Service and 59 % of Sales & Marketing Departments will be using AI technologies by 2023. Call is one of the fastest and efficient ways to resolve any customer query. Voice Assistants or AI Voicebots are on a rise when it comes to customer servicing. 


Multiple businesses are implementing AI based chatbots or voicebots for self servicing customers. They come with added advantage as they can work tirelessly 24/7 and can be cost efficient. 


There are a few things that businesses need to factor in when they are deciding on implementing voicebots. What problems a voicebot can solve? How effective voicebots are? Additional things to consider. This is the guide for customer journey for business executives which will help when they are thinking of integrating a voicebot in telephony. 


What help could voicebots provide?

Voice assistant helping businesses

AI Voicebots are highly effective in inbound and outbound call center operations. A voice bot can be used to help provide self-service for client support. Voicebots offer interactive, customized reminders for fees, past dues, renewals or more in outbound call centers. 

There are two ways in which AI Voice Assistants can play their role in sales and support calls. 


Support Function: 


– Provide self-help at the customer service center for calls waiting in the queue. 

– Answer FAQs for customers calling into your help center. 

– Act as a self-receptionist and direct the caller to the correct agent. 

– Support cancel or reschedule reservations for customers who call your center. 


Sales Function: 

– Schedule meetings for leads or opportunities. 

– Qualify leads during sales calls after the dialer connects and before the agent goes online. 

– Confirm the readiness/interest of prospects to speak during cold calls.

How will Voicebot be beneficial?

Voice assistant automating tasks


There are numerous ways voicebot can be beneficial. A few of the points are explained in the last section of this article. Now, to get the complete utilization of Voicebots is to understand the problem statement of business.

The problem statement could vary from business to business. For a travel agency, it could be just to answer the customer queries effectively to increase the customer experience but for an insurance provider, it could be to get more outbound leads. 

To get the best ROI on voicebot, you can define your problem statement.

Defining the issue is the most daunting, significant and crucial task in developing your voice bot. What problem do you want to solve with your Voice Bot? For the sake of being tech savvy, don’t just try to fit a solution into your setup. Instead, think about what issues you have. You might think of, for instance:

– What questions/queries can be taken care of by your voice bot?

– What kind of data can it glean from the client/prospect?

– What portion of the workflow of the agent by using a bot could be made smoother/faster?

– What processes can be taken care of by a bot more quickly than a human? -e.g., is bot efficient in booking a flight compared to an agent? 

One the problem statement is there then the next step could be to understand the callers and evaluate if their queries and questions can be answered by voicebots or not. Like a well-trained agent, it should grasp the customer’s issue within a few questions and give an appropriate response.

You can watch this video where a client interacts with a voicebot and how voicebot tackles it: 

How Voicebots will reduce the cost of customer interaction?

Reduction of cost by bots

Voicebots are very cost effective. By automating calling through voicebots, the agent bandwidth becomes optimized. Either the bandwidth can be reduced or the agents can now focus on more prominent tasks at hand. Also, the voicebot can tirelessly call customers 24×7 which agents cannot. 

cost reduction by using voicebot

On an average, more than 50% inbound calls are generic queries in nature. These calls also last for less than a minute. As per our own study, the average cost of customer interaction will cost Rs 2-2.5/minute. When voicebot is integrated into the telephony, this cost of customer interaction will reduce to Rs 0.5/minute for those calls which are less than a minute. 

If escalation occurs or the query is too complex, voicebot will direct the call to a human agent with complete context of the call. With the help of AI speech analytics software, call of agent with the customer can be monitored. 

So, voice assistants are cost-effective and can automate customer interactions without disturbing the agents until completely required. 

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Used Case of Voicebot:


Here are some detailed used cases of Voicebots: 

Voicebot talking to woman


Improving Customer Experience:

It is one of the important reasons why companies use speech technology in their business. Voicebots help in automating and analyzing the audio data, detecting emotion, tone, and stress in a customer’s voice; like the reason for call; satisfaction level; products mentioned; etc.

The users can quickly identify a customer’s requirements, wants and expectations, and measure how to address any issues in a better manner.


Cost Saving:

The voicebot technology can deliver ROI via a variety of contributions that reduce costs and increase revenue. 


Revenue Enhancement – Identify Upsell/Cross-Sell Opportunities:

Voicebots along with automation help analyze customer intent.They streamline the process using the most effective form to close a deal and help develop bridge human agents for solving complex queries.


Improvement in Call Center Operations:

Voicebots improve the performance of a department, reduce the Average Handle Time, call diversion, first call resolution, transfers, and more. Implementing multilingual voice bots can help to strengthen the stagnant operations through importance on better performance.


Promotes Customer Loyalty & Retention:

It helps in identifying and reducing the number of at-risk customers. It can find trends based on programmed key words, requests or queries, and phrases in real-time or by sorting through a collection of previous calls.


Identify Compliance , User Interruptions and Risk Issues:

AI powered voice bots automatically analyze  every single call against the BPOs compliance criteria in real-time. It can analyze as well as measure the outcome of all calls for selling chances or other data points. It gives a greater learning opportunity for the managers as immediate insights can be requested along with repetitive call automation with Voice Bots.

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