Over the top customer service wins you customer brownie points that will eventually convert into repurchase and recommendations. Well, that is not all.

Studies suggest that there is marginal effect on customer loyalty because of above and beyond customer service. Infact, there is more evidence indicating a less than expected customer service can lead to a lost customer much faster than otherwise. Customer service departments can take a big sigh of relief and save millions of dollars and man-hours spent in “delighting” their customers with refunds, free products, faster shipping etc.

So what is a more meaningful approach to charming your customers? Actually, it is quite easy. You have to make it easy for customers to resolve their issues. Reduce customer effort !

You can only manage what you measure. Hence, as a first step – track customer effort. Analyze your customer interactions and identify reasons for high customer effort. Eliminate or minimize these reasons. Train reps to identify high customer effort during their interaction and empower them with remedies.

Simple strategies like these can reduce churn. The focus should be clear – Help customers help themselves!


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