Travel and Hospitality

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Personalize a superior experience for your travellers and guests with instant automated resolutions

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Learn how easily Kwantics AI-powered speech solution can solve customer queries and upscale business opportunities.

Travel Assistance and Guest Care Powered
by Conversational AI

Make guest and traveller support hassle-free with our speech AI solutions that are 24x7 available to handle customer queries and free up agents to attend more complex issues.

Deploy Kwantics Speech AI Solutions to Get Five Stars of Customer Satisfaction



Reservations and Bookings

Allow your guests and passengers to make or change reservations, and check airline schedules, rental car rates, cancel bookings and initiate refunds.


Travel Logistics

Keep your guests updated with all their travel information, solve their queries and travel interruptions with ease and suggest alternatives to provide a great customer experience.


Stay Assistance

Initiate calls and inform guests on their booking status, keep them updated and give them a personalized experience throughout their stay.


Personalized Concierge

With Kwantics Intelligent Virtual Assistant, handle guest registration and check-outs, give information on amenities in the hotel, respond to inquiries for local restaurants and attractions.


Gain Key Insights

Our speech AI solutions can help you perform analytics like sentiment analysis, keyword extractions and more, giving you unique insights about the taste of travellers and guests.


Smart Escalation

Our AI-powered systems are smart enough to know when a problem needs human intervention and can automatically transfer such calls to human agents with context so that they can easily pick up from there.