Having the belief that various newly developed technologies can be used to improve the customer experience, Companies all over the globe are experimenting with machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and advanced analytics. However, the focus of many companies right now is on leveraging automated labor, which aims at reducing operating costs, which is less risky.

Hence AI is viewed to have pros and cons, which on one hand aims at cutting down costs, but on the other hand, is also a radical threat to employment opportunities for humans. However, areas like marketing, sales, services, etc. are major areas where AI and analytics, instead of creating a threat to employment can flourish and support people to work more efficiently to bring out better output. 


What’s New ?


Bringing out huge automation responsiveness, intelligent automation, and improvements in retailing quality, AI and analytics are replacing many manual tasks. Most importantly in the customer experience industries, with the help of AI, humans are required to engage with customers, in new ways. In doing so with the help of new intelligent technologies the customer experience will be enhanced.

Beginning from account maintenance to troubleshooting to payments to customer interactions, embedding AI will help the companies to reimagine themselves at their core business opportunities and help to delight their customers, all at once.

AI and Voice Bots

Voice bot helping humans

With Voice bots being the new hype nowadays, we’ve got to thank the tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon, for building such amazing technology with machine learning and AI. Voice bots and chatbots have enabled the wildest AI-accessibility supercomputers and processors, which are dreams come true in the field of technology.

With voice speakers spiking into existence within two years, they took approximately five years to be infamous and get into mainstream technological advancement. As days pass by the evolution of voice technology and the development of new features, are becoming even more mature raising high demand from both enterprises and customers.

Today voice technology accompanies us while doing most of our daily activities like cooking, turning on the ac, reserving a seat at a restaurant, buying groceries or noodles, and getting them delivered home. Everything is steadily being controlled by the usage of AI-enabled smart speakers. The issue however lies in affordability of AI solutions of these existing tech players. You can therefore expect – 

    1. Voice bots to soon bring drastic changes in digital interactions, with consumers adapting to the online behavior of these voice bots. 
    2. To provide a better user experience to customers, conversational analytics is swiftly becoming the need of the hour in business. 
    3. The machine-learning technology with live chat and inbuilt adaptive learning will significantly increase customer satisfaction and agent efficiency.
    4. Targeting audience demographics and knowing about the audience’s preferences, it can be easily done by conversational analytics in business. 
    5. Tech companies will aim at ensuring  customers’ great business and quality technical consultation along with stage design for product support and customized software development. 
    6. The Data Science teams will provide cross-platform solutions, ordering next-gen algorithms for start-ups and business giants.
    7. Conversational analytics will translate and transcribe speech, and use a transcription engine for converting it into data. Further, this data will be used to structure conversations and give a better assessment into the organization of customer insights. 
    8. Millions of satisfied customers globally of multiple services like Custom Software Development, BI & Analytics Solutions, Automation & Security Testing, speech synthesis etc.
    9. When the context arises of creating next-gen AI solutions or AI chips, in about covering every aspect of computing, many new organizations will undoubtedly develop.

How can Voice bots help Businesses?

Voice bot helping customers

Companies can now know what customers are talking to a bot. And using that information they can get a better analysis of the different steps of the conversation, identify the loopholes, and aim at delivering better service in the future. Conversational systems, therefore have altered the whole system of customer interaction and purchasing systems.

AI-powered conversational analytics also aims at transforming IT enterprises and data interaction. Many companies have brought out great changes in the IT organizations, with AI analytics in voice bots and chatbots, they also aim at creating a new platform paradigm, and enhancing the technological experiences for their customers. 

Fintech organizations use chatbots and Active AI that helps to deliver conversational banking services for brand value for banks. The AI helps customers to converse in natural voice or chatbots, which is a significant improvement in the banking sector for collection calls and much more.

Analytics helping businesses

Kwantics is one organization whose core value lies in driving business outcomes for start-ups and enterprises by delivering AI driven Natural Language Processing solutions to them. They have delivered inbound call handling tech to foster productivity and quality AI support to customers globally. Speech analytics help organizations improve productivity through customer and managerial engagement.

It excels at creating AI powered ,multilingual voice support which amazingly reduces crunching tasks, and their IPUs are being sold to tech and BFSI giants.To offer a friendly replacement for an intelligent customer-service representative, the option you should consider is- Conversational AI.

Knowledgeable AIs are just like their human representatives, offering services to incoming queries and therefore an added reason for companies to opt for them.

As an exceptional tech-company specializing in making high-tech products, Kwantics products are created with simplified coding, engaging UX, good designing, all set to make the latest AI technology and complementing it with humanlike effects.

To lend digital technology to linear television, AI offers precisely targeted and measured  insights through data analysis and products like voice bots. Kwantics has  AI-generated metadata that offers maximum output to advertisers for achieving better targets through deep analytical insights.


These Intelligent AI technological advancements drive automation and have become the most era-defining marketing strategies. Adopting such bots in these latest innovative advancements, will not only boost your customer experience but will bring never-before results benefitting the companies and management professionals involved through data based analytical insights.

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