In 2020, there is a huge competition among businesses to provide the best customer service. They are implementing several practices to stay ahead. Call center automation is one of those methods that will make sure your company stays on the winning side. By using technology, businesses can overcome all of their challenges and provide a seamless customer experience.

Why is call center automation necessary?

The benefits of call center automation are:

  • Serve more customers in less time
  • Seamless customer journey with end-to-end automation
  • Automate repetitive tasks and free up agents to give their best
  • Spend resources wisely with detailed reports on call center performance
  • Prioritise and distribute leads to the right agent at the right time — virtual or human.
  • Get actionable insights with automated call analysis
  • Train the system once and save costs

With all of these benefits and more, companies are now looking for the top contact center automation trends in 2020. So, organizations must implement them as they are the future of the call center industry.

Top 6 Automation Trends In 2020

1. Providing Cloud-based Services:

Top 6 Call Center Automation Trends In 2020, Kwantics

Workplaces are becoming less popular with work-from-home situations becoming more and more ideal. In this scenario, owning a call center can become quite expensive. So, using a Cloud-platform to run a business can be safe and cost-saving. By taking their business to a remote-platform, companies can easily assist a huge audience. Not only that, but it can also help them save money on IT and infrastructure services. Clients can work from remote locations and provide support anytime and anywhere. Thus, Cloud has become one of the most popular trends in 2020. 

2. AI-Powered Voice Bots:

Many companies are now implementing call center AI solutions. Some of them, like Conversational AI products, are easy to install and cost-effective. AI Voice Bots can answer the basic queries of customers by having a human-like conversation. Not only that, but they can also monitor the calls and give a short report on the caller’s intent and behavior. It can help cut short the response time, as the agents will only deal with urgent calls. In conclusion, this latest trend can become a huge leap in the face of call center agent productivity.

3. Self-Service Tools:Top 6 Call Center Automation Trends In 2020, Kwantics

Self-assistance tools can prove to be highly efficient in solving initial queries. They are considered the smartest way of preventing overloading calls. Moreover, these tools can be available to customers 24/7 and they can easily go through them anytime. Some of them are:

  • Tutorial videos
  • FAQS
  • Virtual agents
  • Forums

These can help in narrowing down the callers to only those that have complex issues. Studies suggest that 45% of companies offering such tools have reported an increase in site traffic and a decrease in phone calls. Hence, they are a must-have for call centers in 2020.

4. Using Live Engagement Methods:

Top 6 Call Center Automation Trends In 2020, Kwantics

Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for agents to instruct the customers. The callers, too, are sometimes unable to explain their problems due to the lack of real-time communication. These problems can be solved easily with the help of live engagement tools. Customers can use video chat or co-browsing facilities to get instant support. They can share their screens and the agents can guide them step-by-step until their problem is solved. Quick resolution helps the agents to handle more customers and productivity improves. 

5. Get Real-Time Insights With Speech Analysis:

Top 6 Call Center Automation Trends In 2020, Kwantics

Why depend only on the agents’ skills and burden them when technology can easily do their jobs? For improving customer satisfaction, it is important to understand customer sentiment. And to monitor agent performance, it is important to analyze their calls. Doing this work manually can take hours. Using digital tools embedded with AI, businesses can get a better idea about what is happening. Speech analytics can be used to:

  • Understand caller’s intent
  • Monitor conversations
  • Spot keywords 
  • Analyze caller’s behavior in real-time 
  • Get useful insights and leads
  • Predict potential buyers

Thus, with the help of these insights, businesses can stay one-step-ahead of each other and make the most of their resources.

6. Omnichannel Communication:

Omnichannel communication provides better contextual support to customers and they get a seamless experience across channels like stores, desktop, mobile, or social media. It keeps communication consistent and synchronized over all channels. Therefore, agents can easily pull up the clients’ history from their previous interactions across other ways of communication. This avoids the trouble of customers having to repeat their problems. Hence, issues are resolved quickly and customer experience improves. 


Adding automation to your call center can provide several benefits. It can be turned on and off as per requirement and redefines the nature of customer service. Urgent or unexpected issues can be more easily managed with an extra layer of automation and using technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Stress on the employees will also reduce and they will focus more on the customer-centric issues. To sum up, using call center automation will make sure that your company stays up high on the leaderboards and your customers are always satisfied. 

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