Deliver Superior Customer Service with Conversational AI

Provide effective self-service and personalized customer care without any hang-ups

Watch Our Speech AI Solutions in Action

Learn how easily Kwantics AI-powered speech solution can solve customer queries and upscale business opportunities.

Identify Customer Issues, Resolve them Quickly and Prevent Them from Re-occurring

Deploy Kwantics speech AI solutions to increase customer satisfaction, reduce cost and streamline engagements.

Make Customer Interactions Smart and Friendly with Kwantics Speech AI Solutions



Close Tickets Quickly

Handle all customer queries, be it asking for internet settings, recharge, starting or stopping any service, it all can be handled automatically and naturally.


Customized Promotions

Understand the trend by deep diving into the user’s needs and use AI-Powered Speech Synthesis to send out personalized promotions to your customers.


Sentiment Analysis

Improve customer experience by understanding customer sentiments by getting a real-time action plan based on caller insight, history, and reason for the call.


Plan Management

Inform customers about the right plans and help them enroll in or change plans, update account and payment information and take advantage of timely promotions.


Prevent Customer Churn

Identify high value churning customers by analyzing their interaction history and offer them incentives like free upgrades and increase customer retention.


Increase Sales and Acquisition

Boost upselling and cross-selling among existing and new customers, offer personalized plans and services based on their purchase history or user profile.