For businesses, customer service is one of the most important aspects. Improving end-customer experience can result in a significant increase in revenue for organizations. If some studies are to be believed superior customer services can increase company revenue by up to 15%. Generally, the manager at contact centers spend long hours on the training of service agents but don’t get the expected results. This can be due to various reasons. For example – Improper Training methods, service agents not understanding the training lessons. In such a scenario, managers can use modern speech analytics technology as a way to measure the success rate of their training.

Through speech analytics, all the calls received by contact centers will be transcribed and analyzed. Managers can analyze every single call and get a broad understanding of various things needed to make services better. This will not only improve the training but will open ways to improve customer service.


Introduction To Speech Analytics? 


Speech analytics as the word defines – is the analysis of conversations. It extracts meaningful information and provides quality services to the end-customers. This can detect audio patterns to detect emotions in the speaker’s voice. Speech analytics falls under the domain of Natural Language Processing (or NLP). 


Uses Of Speech Analytics 


Speech analytics technology used in contact centers to identify various things like the purpose of the call, caller’s mood, and voice tone. Moreover, a speech analytics tool can analyze the phrases used by customers and identify their needs ASAP.  Apart from this, the technology can identify the areas that need improvements and notify the same to the contact center managers. 
Speech analytics tools will enable contact centers to gain insights that rarely comes out in volunteer surveys. Such insights will improve the customer experience and will solve many other operational issues.


Speech Analytics Will Be Helpful In: 


• Enhance contact center performance and reduce customer handling time

• Improve the quality monitoring process and specific call types

• Discovering the root cause and reduce churn rate 

• Provide targeted training to service agents by analyzing data


How does It work? 


Real-time speech analytics is beneficial during live customer calls. It provides a scripted answer according to the call history of other customers or in case of similar issues. 
A speech engine plays out the underlying analysis and changes over the information into a progression of phonemes i.e. little phonetic sounds. The outcomes are accessible by means of a query engine and noticed through the dashboard and reports of the same can be generated to assist users. 

Speech analytics uncover important business insights that are not extracted in random call inspection. Speech analytics can identify the reasons for customer calling and the reasons for their dissatisfaction. It likewise helps the contact center improve consistency, operational skill, and operator execution. Today, organizations are executing speech analysis as a component of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.

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