Provide Pre-Sales and After-Sales Support with Conversational AI

Boost sales by providing AI Voice Assistants to your customers for ensuring the superior shopping experience

Watch Our Speech AI Solutions in Action

Learn how easily Kwantics AI-powered speech solution can solve customer queries and upscale business opportunities.

Smart Shopping Assistants in Your
Brick-and-Mortar Stores

Use Kwantics AI Voice Assistants and AI tools to create virtual shopping assistants for your customers, personalize service experiences and simplify retail operations.

Provide a Seamless Retail Experience with Kwantics Speech AI Solutions



Unique Brand Image

Get a unique voice for your marketing campaigns. Create the brand image that differentiates you from the competition and rise in the mind of your customers.


Increase Accessibility

Help your customers with accessibility issues. Provide your services round the clock 24x7 in natural human-like conversation with Kwantics Speech AI solutions.


Insightful Analytics

Kwantics Speech AI tools can perform sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and competitor analysis in real-time to give you insights on lead quality and lost opportunities.


Notify Customers

Move a step ahead of IVRs and speak to your customers while informing them about your marketing campaigns like upcoming sale, festive offers and new collections.