We have to become familiar with the fact that technology has taken a huge leap and run it’s great sweep through almost everything. The digital capabilities of modern technology will continue to shape our lifestyle, business methods and approach, educational practices, retail and insurance, including BPO. The mass adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the everyday lives of users is leading the growth towards voice application adoption.

Popularity of AI

People interacting with AI

To understand this better, let’s understand AI technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the branch of computer sciences that highlights the development of intelligent machines, working and thinking like humans. 

AI has been revolutionizing the market ever since and with the Coronavirus pandemic , the market has been adopting new modes lately. All are looking forward to CDC data each day to attain proximity in the near future. Consumer connect is the new key to sustenance in this digital era. AI and the BPO industry are correlated. Digital transformations have always been a part of the BPO industry. With new developments like blockchain , cloud computing and AI , this industry is set to experience massive transformation in the coming years.

Gartner indicated 33% savings on 70% reduction in human supported call or E-mail interaction. More than 84% of organizations are looking at investing in Customer experience. BPOs and their clients are hence in a race to adopt AI automation. Organization capability has now increased to offer real time information in virtual set ups for both employees and customers.

Most of them have collaborated with third party technologies to assist them in this transformation.

Organizations have been waddling against multiple myths associated with AI and capitalizing on the boons. There are many startups which have been predicted to overtake E-Commerce giants and have been successful in doing so.

The Automation Wave 

AI automating repetitive tasks

Customer experience and clients are rapidly becoming the key focus for quality sustenance. Many industries, like the call center industry, are wrestling into it. The BPO industry faces issues like poor traffic management , limited availability , shooting costs and haphazard operations. Service disruption due to unstandardized performance metrics ruptures customer service quality.

Artificial Intelligence in BPO has lots of benefits to fill these gaps. Like AI Personal Assistant, it is a software that can perform different tasks for a user based on their verbal or written commands. It can improve the workflows, cut down costs, improves customer satisfaction, cut down the time to hire people, improve sales conversion, and improve the recommendation systems.

To improve the business and revenue , an AI Personal Assistant can help automate tasks and manage workflows. Adding a Chabot to streamline customer service initiatives, integrating the product or service of the business with existing AI personal assistant services helps digitally transform for better deliveries.

The call center voice analytics software gives the business a new way to measure their agent’s performance. It gives a proper analysis of speech rate, conversation volume, keyword usage, and changes the way they speak immediately. The Speech analytics software analyses the speech data for specific information and patterns.

Speech analytics software can help a business to evaluate and gather information from every single call in a matter of seconds. The call center speech analytics can not only monitor every single call that takes place but also get live updates. Businesses can use this tool to find marketing and business insights from their call recordings.

Also, the call center managers can use it to provide a better customer experience. Some companies use AI-powered solutions to gather information in real-time. This allows BPOs to provide a better customer experience and also increase agent performance.


What insights call center managers to get from Speech analytics?

speech analytics giving insights in BPO

A feature like AI Speech Analytics makes it easier to automatically get comprehensive insights and data summaries on the supervisor dashboard. A person can, of course, create different dashboards to suit his needs or create dashboards for his agents to gauge and improve their performance in real-time. One can also set up alerts that are sent to his phone or email.


Below is a peek into what the new SA enabled user dashboard looks like.

      • Conversation Speed – Clarity and pronunciation play an important role in voice communication for customer service. Here comes in the ideal talking speed (or range) and, often measured in words per minute. Speech rate varies, based on different criteria, not just across languages and dialects, but also by culture, gender and one needs to change speech speed to communicate better with the customers. One can get an understanding of the speech rate for every individual agent with the Agent Speed analytics and whether they are reaching the right balance. This feature can be added to every agent’s dashboard to help them see their talking speed.


      • Conversation Volume – To address a customer’s query, an agent must be audible and it is important to check on the volume at which the agent speaks, it can indicate how the call is going on. For instance, a raised voice may indicate conflict. In such a scenario, the agent can set up real-time alerts for supervisors to take over the calls. Similarly, customers can get angry if an agent raises their voice, in such cases, the agent can whisper to them to stop or set up automated alerts. Dissecting these calls and the tone spike helps to separate words, phrases, and specific issues that have created this negative situation.


      • Customer Sentiment – The AI-based speech analytics can automatically measure the customer sentiment during a call.


      • Customer Demographics – Call center speech analytics can also be quite useful for getting insights into customer behavior and their purchasing trends.


The Call center voice analytics software helps corporate to get relevant voice data and help the business to improve their services, reduce costs, and grow revenue. In the present scenario, speech analytics provides in-depth searches based on phonetics with the ability to uncover certain emotions expressed on a call as well as the trends within a call, these are hold times, silent patches, or agents talking over a caller.

With real-time speech analytics, emotional analytics, and Artificial Intelligence, the BPOs can create better customer experiences by integrating them with voicebots.


Benefits of AI Powered Voice bots for global BPO

AI powered Voice Assistant giving insights

      • Improving customer experience is one of the important reasons why companies use speech technology in their business. Voicebots help in automating and analyzing the audio data, detecting emotion, tone, and stress in a customer’s voice; like the reason for call; satisfaction level; products mentioned; etc. The users can quickly identify a customer’s requirements, wants and expectations, and measure how to address any issues in a better manner.


      • Cost Saving. The voicebot technology can deliver ROI via a variety of contributions that reduce costs and increase revenue. 


      • Revenue Enhancement – Identify Upsell/Cross-Sell Opportunities. Voicebots along with automation help analyze customer intent. They streamline the process using the most effective form to close a deal and help develop bridge human agents for solving complex queries.


      • Improvement in BPOs operations. Voicebots improve the performance of a department, reduce the Average Handle Time, call diversion, first call resolution, transfers, and more. Implementing multilingual voice bots can help to strengthen the stagnant operations through importance on better performance.


      • Promotes Customer Loyalty & Retention. It helps in identifying and reducing the number of at-risk customers. It can find trends based on programmed key words, requests or queries, and phrases in real-time or by sorting through a collection of previous calls.


      • Identify Compliance , User Interruptions and Risk Issues. AI powered voice bots automatically analyze  every single call against the BPOs compliance criteria in real-time.It can analyze as well as measure the outcome of all calls for selling chances or other data points. It gives a greater learning opportunity for the managers as immediate insights can be requested along with repetitive call automation with Voice Bots.

Voice Bot is the future 

voice bot helping managers

Voice assistants are improvising multiple sectors. There are significant changes in prominent markets, specially the call center industry.AI powered voice bots streamline the operations by eliminating user interruptions. Organizations are experiencing profitability due to increased sales through potential lead generation by Bots.

Human resources are now experiencing less fatigue as major repetitive tasks are conducted by Automated Bots. Voice bots handle renewal and reminder calls. They easily handle bulk client queries 24/7 and offer end-to-end collection call services as well. The timber-like voice which is fed in the systems can offer highly personalized solutions for enhancing customer experience. Moreover, these bots synchronize easily in the organizational system.

The AI-based call center gives a better customer experience from start to finish. The AI Voice Assistant understands the client’s requirements properly. It helps customers to receive prompt answers and the right directions.AI VOICE ASSISTANT is aware of the different interactions with the customers. This helps in responding instantly.

With AI-enabled services, business activities are getting different shapes with improved communication effects, task management, work productivity, and online browsing. This paves way for it to sync with human existence for the future.

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