When we communicate with other people, we try to understand what they are saying by paying attention. We particularly focus on the three areas: face, voice, and hands. These three areas take up more processing space in the brain. 

Businesses understand that voice channel is incredibly information-rich and that’s why they always look for the ways to extract more and more data from it. Generally, call notes and agent interaction are the two main approaches to extract valuable data. But call center is using basic call recording software; yet, it is no longer adequate. 

Basic call recording software means that only sampling of calls is what they listen to. And valuable insights hidden inside the calls aren’t monitored. Businesses need to invest in a more robust technology to gain a full scope of the customer experience.

Speech analytics for the call center is a powerful and scalable approach built on AI technology. It allows the contact center managers to surface insights from data of calls by producing transcripts of call data and extracting key information like the sentiment of the customer. This way, managers can explain service agents better about what is happening, about issues, and how they can be resolved in the best possible way. 

Look at few ways in which speech analytics will be a game-changer for contact centers: 


Reduce Customer Service Response Time


This is also called the first response time. Integrate Speech analytics into the existing setup of contact centers and to get vast options to analyze customer issues. With the tone of voice, they can listen to customers expressing a complaint, or asking questions about a product. And based on that, the system generates data that an agent can present to the customer to resolve the complaint. 

Speech analytics for the call center is good enough to recognize not only the customer complains, but specifically what they are complaining about. This way, the customers feel like they are being heard and nothing can be best then this for an organization to increase brand loyalty.


Help Organizations In Customer Retention


For continuously growing, an organization must retain its customers. But customers can leave the brand for never returning and all this can happen over a phone call. The tools that can potentially prevent such situations are invaluable and speech analytics should be the first choice for this. 

For example- MetLife is using software called Cogito, an “empathy advisor” that can detect when customer interest is fading during sales calls so that agents can respond appropriately. 


Enhance Agent Engagement


With customer retention, it is also necessary for organizations to enhance agent engagement. For call centers, the attrition rate is around 20% to 35% and it’s because of the repetitive nature of queries and the difficulty in quantifying progress. But speech analytics for the call center can solve this problem. By getting clear insights, managers can train representatives in a better and faster way and prepare them to make decisions by keeping their customers in mind. 

This is how speech analytics work and the benefits can’t be ignored. enter the exciting era of customer service with speech analytics and enjoy the era of AI-based technology. 

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