Contact Centers provide improved and seamless service to their customers. Contact center representatives work hard and strive for better customer experience. The call center industry is always looking for up-to-date technology and implementing it for improved customer satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence technology has an extensive contribution to transforming the contact center industry. Several AI solutions like AI chatbots, AI voice assistant, and call center automation software are taking call centers to the next level. 


The Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistant provides human-like call interaction with the customer. Voice Assistant can assist the managers in call center automation, workforce management, agent performance, and call data analysis. 


Cost reduction is the primary factor that motivates call centers to incorporate AI Voice Assistant. It supports various features like call monitoring, speaking in human-like voice timbre, multilingual support, and sentiment analysis. 


Reducing of cost with AI Voice Assistant

Voice assistants can assist in several ways to reduce the cost at contact centers. The following aspects cost money to the call centers:


Contact Center Labor:

A significant portion of the budget of the contact center is spent on labor costs. This includes agents, managers, supervisors, quality assurance, trainers, and other employees contributing to call center operations.

Telephony Infrastructure and Other Resources:

Telephony costs can vary, and they depend on the size of the organization. The cost of resources such as the Internet and some other materials depends on its needs.


Software Licensing:

Softwares available for lisencing

Many companies use additional software to manage contact companies. They usually spend on software such as customer relationship management (CRM), call center automation software, workforce management software, quality assurance software, and text-to-speech softwares. These softwares can be licensed to each agent on a monthly or annual basis.


Recruiting, Hiring, and Training:

The process of recruiting, hiring, and training costs money to the contact center. The recruiting process typically costs in the form of HR recruiters, recruitment advertising, or other third-party recruiting fees, if any. “New higher training” is required to give the agent knowledge about the entire call interaction process. Depending on the agents’ capabilities, this “new higher training” can take a month or two.


However, agents have to spend all the time in contact centers to improve their skills. The training procedure is not only for new agents. Agents need the right training sessions at the right time, and every time it costs money to the contact centers.


AI Voice Assistant can save the cost of contact centers in multiple ways like the following:


Free Your Agent from Repetitive Tasks:

AI voice assistants can communicate effectively with customers through human-like voices. It communicates through natural sounds. A customer won’t be able to differentiate if he is talking to a man or a machine. Here, contact centers can save money spent on keeping agents to do repeat marketing calls and other repeat activities.

Managers can replace human agents with AI voice assistants that can perform such repetitive tasks precisely and effectively compared to human agents. By reducing such tedious and repetitive tasks, agents can focus on more critical functions of call centers.

Reduced Cost of the Call and Agent Monitoring:

Reducing of cost

Call monitoring is another crucial process that requires money to pay the person who monitors and analyzes the calls. Voice Assistant can reduce this cost by real-time monitoring of customer call interactions.

It can monitor and analyze the call interaction at both ends, at the customer’s end and the agent’s end. The agent performance monitoring process requires an independent supervisor who will monitor and analyze the agent’s performance.

The voice assistant can do all this effectively. It can monitor calls and generate informative data about the agent’s performance. This Agent Performance Report can be used by the trainers to evaluate the agent’s performance quality. It allows trainers to enhance training methods to train agents more effectively.


Detect Customer Intent and Prevent Customer Lost:

Losing customer costs more to the business than any other thing. Voice assistants provide many features to avoid customer losses. According to a report issued by Gartner, it has been concluded that the percentile of businesses catering to the use of AI based bots for feasible customer experience operations might exceed from 2% in 2017 to 25% by 2020.


Sentiment Analysis identifies customer intent. AI Voice Assistant then understands customer issues accurately and responds accordingly. With this feature, high-level professionals can identify the business’s current and upcoming challenges and make the right decision accordingly.

The multilingual feature is another thing that improves the customer experience. Voice assistants can understand and even speak different languages.

Combining all these features can improve the customer experience and prevent customer losses, ultimately swelling profits.


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