Analyzing every aspect of call center operations gives valuable insight to the managers and leaders to improve the call center’s efficiency. Among all the aspects, sentiment analysis has its unique power to bring meaningful change in the organization.

Whenever the customer converse with the company, we can analyse whether he is satisfied with service or not. But sometimes it becomes hard to detect the actual problem of the customer if the customer fails to express the whole matter. In such cases, AI-Powered call center solutions can be helpful. AI for call center solutions uses Sentiment Analysis that can identify the emotional state of the customer in real-time

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis is the process of using algorithms that evaluates the customer conversation . It detects and understands the spoken words, phrases, gaps, tone of voice to ensure the customer experience about the company. It analyses the perception of a consumer and determines if he is feeling positive, negative, or neutral about your service. Instead of performing old methods of customer survey, this AI solution can assist you to know the genuine intent of the consumer. While thinking of a call center solution, AI is now advanced enough for automating the contact center processes.

According to the study of Market Research Future, the Sentiment Analytics global market is expected to reach USD 6 Billion by 2023. Contact centers have to focus more on implementing Sentiment Analysis for their business robustness in this competitive world. In the Speech AI products of Kwantics, we can provide automated Sentiment Analysis based Speech AI solution for contact centers. 

AI-Based Sentiment Analysis for Call centers

By using AI for call centers, the call automation can be done, and Sentiment Analytics can work best for the contact centers. Through sentiment analysis, the manager understands client expressions, all his problems regarding company services or products and their expectations to get the solution. An ideal brand must have to work towards knowing the customer sentiment. Agents of contact centers play a vital role here while interacting with the customer. While going through the number of customer calls in a day, it almost impossible for agents to know the actual intent of the client. Sentiment Analysis is the branch of speech analytics that can be implemented with the customer service domain to evaluate the conversation.


Below are the top benefits of Sentiment Analysis for contact centers

  • Capture and Examine the Agent Performance:Call center agent working

You can track the behaviour of agent towards the customer like:

  • How is he handling the customer?
  • Is he able to understand the customer or not? 
  • Whether he is repeating the same mistakes?


 According to agent’s performance, his strong and weak points can be detected. The tasks can be then assigned based on his skills and with appropriate training.


  • Personalized Customer Interaction: 

agent speaking to customers

The agent can solve the client’s issues quickly if he already knows about the customer’s intent and feelings. Keeping a dynamic knowledgebase can help the agents about customer’s sentiments. By empathic way of communication, agents can win the customer’s trust. 


  • Brand Reputation Enhancement:

man giving rating to company online

When the marketing teams already know the customer’s interest and his buying journey, you can build impactful marketing campaigns. Through sentiment analysis, call centers can pass the knowledge of overall customer sentiments. The data can be further sub-categorized into pockets to target demographically, geographically, income level, and marital status.


Sentiment analysis also provides evaluation of current marketing campaigns. The feedback of marketing campaigns is evaluated through customer calls and interactions. All other business processes can be modified according to the customer’s needs. With this, a successful brand reputation can be maintained.


  • Call center Automation to Speed Up Processing: Woman agent solving customer complaint

Business Process Automation is the new trend to speed up the processes which need extra time and human resource. Through sentiment analysis, planning of workforce management can be done effectively. For example, Sentiment analysis can predict and categorized customers that are likely to buy products. If call volume of such customers is high during the day, then managers can deploy top performing agents in that time duration. This improved Work Force Management saves time, and human power can be invested in other valuable tasks.


Sentiment Analysis is cost-effective as well as easy to integrate with contact center telephony. Kwantics provides several products with sentiment analysis solution for accurate and real-time conversation insight. 


We help in providing call center solutions like speech analytics that can help in improving customer experience and take businesses to newer heights. We offer a live demo of our AI-Powered solutions to answer your queries.

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