Consumers and contact center agents log millions of calls each day. These one-on-one interactions happen up-close and have the potential to affect customer’s experience. It is, hence, important to look under the hood and find out if your agent’s personality is coming in way of delivering a good consumer service.

A Harvard study categorizes agents in 7 different personality types – The Empathizer, The Hardworker, The Controller, The Rock, The Accommodator, The Innovator and The Competitor. It is easy to guess that the empathizers and the hardworkers make the majority of agent workforce. The system rewards and promotes personality types that can ‘feel’ for the customers. Other personality types often take a back seat. One such personality type is – The Controller.

A controlling customer service agent – some may even think that such personality types can be abrasive and can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Not quite. Infact, controller personality types are deeply motivated to solve issues. They seem to have answers to customer’s problems. With some refinement, they have the potential to become star performers.

A list of personality types that fit call center environment may need a revisit. Contrary to popular belief, a customer looking for resolution may actually like the outspoken, opinionated, directing agent who solves his problem.

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