Why are Bots the Biggest Trend? 

In spite of the cons, Bots are the most sought after client care devices today, according to BCG. Also, Boston Consulting Group highlighted that Organizations must integrate AI in their system to work well. Another report by the State of chatbot reports, 2018, indicate that 64% of web clients state 24 x 7 availability is the best USP of chatbots.


Both Voice bot and Chatbot play a critical function for organizations in communicating with their clients. The clients can interact with their customer base anytime, which instigates a sentiment of fulfillment since bots can speak without breaking a sweat. Both of these strategies of correspondence have their preferences and disadvantages. Yet both are, without a doubt, two of the greatest tech in customer care. 

Presently, let us have a nitty gritty comprehension of the voice bot and Chatbot.


What is Voice bot? 

Kwantics Voice bot solving customer queries

Voice bot is an artificial intelligence and natural language understanding (NLU) based voice channel for correspondence that works by changing sound over to message design. The AI innovation helps recognize the vital markers in the discourse and closes the best reaction to an exchange. The Text to speech (TTS) motor at that point changes the reaction into sound or voice over to finish the conversation.

Voice bots or voice assistants are prepared to finish the whole conversation in a human-like way. The voice assistant is a wise correspondence method. It can be effectively incorporated into different client service gadgets like – IVR, Chatbot, self-administration, etc.

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Advantages of Using a Voice bot 

Kwantics voice bot helping customers

Voice Mode Conversation –

Voice is the most normal method of correspondence. Voice bot in this way turns into the most favored method of correspondence inferable from its convenience. 


Smoother Experience –

With the cutting edge cell phone, the customary touch-tone strategy has gotten old and dull. A voice bot is a basic and normal option in contrast to conventional dialer tone. Through voice bots, you can easily respond in seconds.


More Prominent Reconciliation –

Voice bots can be effectively and advantageously planned with a wide scope of client support devices like a CRM or information base to offer significant self-assistance. On the opposite side, it very well may be coordinated with a heap of brilliant speakers like Alexa, Google Home, which are getting inescapable in day-to-day lives. 


Appropriate for a Bigger Client Base –

A voice bot gives the client assistance, a mass capability. Clients who are less or not innovation keen can undoubtedly utilize it. Indeed, even a client with insufficiencies can utilize it effortlessly. Elderly folks who find hard to message think that it’s helpful to utilize voice for correspondence. This is valid for individuals who are not all around prepared or educated.


Voice Bot – Challenges to Overcome 

Challenges of voice bot


The time spent on preparing a voice bot can be a hindrance to its application. For complex discussions, the voice bot may require human help to handover the discussion. The voice bot would require persistent preparation for various situations. 


Clean and Explained Information –

This is antecedent to the preparation. Any ML-based framework needs a clean dataset for it to be prepared. Presently, contingent upon the language, highlight, and space – it can turn into a test to promptly have the preparation dataset. 


What is a Chatbot?

chat bot and customers

A chatbot is a method of correspondence that utilizes instant messages. Like a voice bot, Chatbot is an artificial intelligence program that can essentially animate a talk or discussion with the clients in the characteristic human language. The conversational AI additionally guarantees that the experience that the Chatbot gives is human-like.

The Chatbot can be incorporated effortlessly on sites, informing applications (Facebook courier, Whatsapp, WeChat, Slack, and so forth), versatile applications, and booths. These bots assume a fundamental function in improving communication with people, PCs and subsequently are exceptionally advantageous regarding client collaborations with business, giving an elevated level of connected self-administration. 


Advantages of Chatbot 

chat bot with customers

Spares a Ton of Time –

These bots limit time, as the reactions are instant. In particular, the bots require negligible training during a connection, accordingly lessening the delay between arrangement and efficiency when contrasted with people in such a manner. 


Consumer Loyalty is Expanded –

Due to brief client care and unequaled accessibility, Chatbot fills in as 24×7 self-administration operators for clients that go far in fulfilling their requirements for desperation. 


Work Power Cost is Diminished ­–

A chatbot can without much of a stretch assume control over the ordinary and redundant undertakings of operators, definitely decreasing the outstanding burden on specialists. They wipe out the requirement of additional staff for taking care of basic inquiries during top call hours.


Wide Scope of Use –

The Chatbot finds a wide scope of use in divisions over an organization. A chatbot can be all around utilized for client care, client orders, promotion, and representative aide.


Chatbot – Challenges to Survive 

chat bot challenging customers

Reactions are Restricted – 

Using a chatbot essentially offers quicker help, however they are not great. The straightforward ones may have restricted guideline-based reactions and subsequently, they will be unable to respond to all complex queries. Indeed, even a conversational bot would require steady preparation, so utilizing a chatbot as an autonomous channel may take more time than different voice bots.

Even after that a chatbot has a set of reactions which are pre set by the person who creates it, hence it would require a more flexible range of answer to actually satisfy the client and these chatbots should also be configured in such a way that they can take in new queries which are not pre set.


Dissatisfaction to Clients ­– 

Due to the Chatbot’s restricted information base, they may not be appropriately prepared. Sometimes, the bot has no solution, the discussion may run in a circle accordingly making a great deal of disappointment for the clients. 

Voice bots are much better countering these challenges. Combining all these features of voice bot can improve the customer experience and prevent customer losses, ultimately swelling profits.

The AI-enabled Voice Assistant is best for customer service that automates several operations and improves the agent’s productivity. It communicates in a natural human voice, and supports several features like; call data analysis, detecting customer intent, and multilingual feature, which makes it all in one solution for customer service.

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