Contact center environment is a tough place to deliver. Ever wonder how it feels to handle an irate customer? Most times when customers call they are going through a “moment”. Now imagine if handling such customers is your day job? – Stressful right?

So, how do we make sure our agents enjoy their work? We have to think beyond the traditional end of the year appraisal and pay rise cycle. Management and leadership should develop a connect with their people on the floor. The following three action drivers are a good place to start

  • Recognize and reward people for their achievements
  • Explain to them how they contribute to the success of the company
  • Really mean it when you do 1 & 2

With the above done well, a job riddled with handling complaints will feel like a great job.

With Kwantics Speech AI Solutions like Speech Analytics, you can boost the productivity of your call center agents. 

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