Do you know about First Call Resolution?

First call resolution (FCR) is a measure of your customer support efficiency and ability to resolve customer’s queries the first time they call, with no follow-up required. It is an overall measure of how well your operators, teams, and call centers perform. Improvement in FCR increases customer satisfaction and reduces costs. In the quality of interactions, reducing costs and customer satisfaction will have a positive influence.

 “Measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with; it is also to restore the customer’s confidence.”

We know that the prosperity of a company is directly proportional to its customer accommodation experience. Customer contentment is important for the success of any organization. According to a report by SQM Group, customer satisfaction drops, on average, 15% every time a customer has to call back to get their initial call resolved.

Keys to Improve First Call Resolution in Your Call center

Analyze Calls, Identify Issues and Fine-tune Them:

After you have conducted a first call resolution analysis, it is consequential to conduct a root cause analysis on the calls that were not resolved on the first call. A good root cause analysis will identify trends, pinpoint inefficiencies, and appraise data-driven decision-making.

Call Analysis to improve first call resolution

You can identify issues by looking into:

•Why was the call transferred?
•Whom are the calls being transferred?
•Why was the call escalated to a manager?
•Was the caller followed up?
•Why did the interaction span different channels (i.e., phone, chat, e-mail, and walk-in)?
•What was the reason the caller was not satisfied with the solution?

Once you , you can fix them and take preventive measures to improve future First Call Revolution. As certain that this process happens on a continual support and that, you are always seeing ways to improve or well organize the fortification process.

 Analyze Customer Contact Behavior to expect their needs:

Best Ways to Improve First Call Resolution, Kwantics

The more a company grasps customer information, the more they will meet customer requirements. Doing so will increase customer satisfaction and FCR. You can approach this from a few angles:

Your team can do a better job meeting them on the first contact and resolve their queries.

Analyze Your Customer Demographic Data:

It is always best to know the demographics of your customer base. The demographic segmentation basics are to divide customers by the predominant age group, gender, marital status, income level, etc. You can facilely do this by determining the mode of your distribution.

Know in detail how can you segment your customer demographics

Be sure your cut-off/ inclusion/exclusion criterion makes sense (i.e., group together adolescents, teens, young adults, adults, older adults, and senior population) and is consistent (grouping by the same number of years). It helps you in day to day operations and useful for other activities like marketing campaigns.

Know how Kwantics Speech Synthesis can give a unique voice to marketing campaigns Determine and represent the distribution of your clientele in graphical formats. With this, the data is much easier to read and explain it to the team.


Analyze customer queries through AI Voice Assistants:

Voice bot identifying and analyzing customer queries

AI Voice Assistants support human agents and automate level one-customer queries. They can answer the basic customer queries instantly with a human-like conversation. As a result, the FCR rate improves. Moreover, customers do not face lengthy hold times to resolve their queries; however, human agent intervention is required now and then.
Make sure that your human staffs have the knowledge and ability to step in when necessary to solve their problems. AI Voice Assistants can automatically escalate the call to a human agent when it becomes complicated they also provide the context of the query to the agent, which improves customer experience.

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Engage in Total Contact Ownership:

When the agent who took the initial call follows the call from start to culminate the Total Contact Ownership can dramatically increase FCR. When you implement this policy, agents will be less liable to transfer calls to “pass the problem” to another agent, as they will still be required to follow the issue until it is closed.

They will instead recruit the resources (i.e., more senior agents, management, technical support agents, etc.) to solve the issue collaboratively. This system not only increases FCR but withal increases professionalism, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness.

 Increase Automation and Self-Service Options:

A simple way to offer self-service options is to configure your IVR to provide the necessary information (i.e., account information, business hours, directions, promotions, etc.). Put a FAQ, knowledge base (with details about your product/ manuals on your website. This will not only avail to increase FCR but will minimize call volume.


As a result, they cannot take second chances when it comes to improving first call resolution. It will reduce costs, have a more efficient environment at work, and improve customer satisfaction levels. Using call center solutions can help businesses in effectively improving their First Call Resolution rate.

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