Providing the best customer experience has always been a huge problem for the call center industry. Call centers receive thousands of calls every day and most of them go on hold. Call-waiting makes the customers irritated and they end up being dissatisfied. However, we had made ourselves accustomed to this kind of customer service by now. But, the call centers had not known that a time will come when these calls will increase from thousands to millions, worsening the situation. Well, it did, when the Coronavirus struck the entire world. It has pushed the call-centers off balance and their customer service has deteriorated. This is due to the availability of limited staff as agents can not go to work. Thus, the focus is to achieve call center automation as soon as possible.  


How is the pandemic affecting call-centers?

Best Call Center Solutions in Post-COVID World, Kwantics

Customers have faced the ineffectiveness of call-centers for quite some time. However, it never really felt like an absolute necessity to solve those problems until now. Here are some of them:

  1. Overall call volume has increased: COVID-19 has affected many industries like travel, transportation, and hospitality. With people facing issues regarding them, the call-centers are receiving a huge number of calls every day. As COVID-19 spread more, the call center volume jumped up to 800%!, according to Flash Report. 
  2. Hold times are longer than usual: Due to call-overloading, most of the lines are busy and the customers have to stay on hold for a very long time. 
  3. Companies functioning with a limited team: The employees are always at a risk of catching the virus, making other employees exposed to it as well. Therefore, there isn’t much staff available and companies are operating with limited resources.
  4. Contact centers at risk of spreading germs: If the call-centers are used as workplaces again, the employees will be at a much higher risk of spreading the virus amongst themselves.
  5. Callers becoming anxious and impatient: Increasing problems and impossible to get customer service is making the customers angry. As a result, they are persistently trying to reach the call-centers. 
  6. Increasing Fraud: There have been reports of an increase in fraud during COVID-19.


What can Call Centers do now?


With these problems, it has become an urgent issue to find solutions. Amidst the crisis, companies are now willing to adapt to technologies. Technological innovations that assist in call center automation have become the need of the hour for the companies if they need to survive in the pandemic. They are looking for solutions that will ensure a safe workplace and social-distancing. For this, they are ready to use all of the resources available in the market to achieve call center automation like:


  • AI-powered Voice Assistants
  • Speech analytics 




What methods can be used to achieve call center efficiency post-pandemic?


Best Call Center Solutions in Post-COVID World, Kwantics


Here are some of the best options which can help the call centers survive the post-COVID world with efficiency:


Rapid Digitalization:


From shopping to payments, most of the day-to-day tasks are being done digitally. After the pandemic, however, we need to promote digitalization across all levels of society, along with the call-centers. It will be necessary in order to avoid physical contact as much as possible during work. The chances of employees being affected will be much lower by following precautionary measures.


Accepting a new level of communication:


To provide satisfactory customer service during and after the pandemic, companies need to evolve the way they communicate. They need to adopt a system that is automated, secure, and compatible. It can be anything from IVR to AI-Powered Voice Assistants. The way with which the call-centers worked before will never be the same again. They will have to learn to use any kind of new technology adopted by their company. 


Voice bots- the future:


The implementation of voice bots will bring a big change in the call-center industry. AI-powered voice bots can overtake tasks that were earlier time consuming for human agents. They can:


  • provide seamless customer experience
  • be able to coexist with humans
  • make their jobs easier, faster, and safer
  • have a human-like conversation with customers
  • work 24/7
  • be more efficient 
  • handle multiple calls at once
  • have lower costs over a full-time agent
  • provide engaging conversations. 


This suggests that businesses need AI powered Voice bots for a variety of reasons.


Providing new jobs:


With the need for AI-powered call-center automation, the companies can provide new jobs. The agents can become:

  • conversation designers 
  • bot managers 

It is because they have experience with customers. With advanced tools, they won’t even need to know how to code and will be able to help the voice bots to adapt and learn.


Are AI-Powered Call Centers the future?


AI Voice bots are going to be the future for call center automation. Moreover, they provide seamless customer service and solve the problem of bad customer service experiences once and for all. 

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