Banking and Finance

Smart Conversational AI That Customers Can Bank On

Tailor-made solutions to lower cost, automate functions, improve engagement and reduce
friction in the customer’s financial journey.

Watch Our Speech AI Solutions in Action

Learn how easily Kwantics AI-powered speech solution can solve customer queries and upscale business opportunities.

Transact Customer Satisfaction in the Right Direction

Upsell, retain and help your customers choose the right products for them with Kwantics AI-powered speech solutions.

Enable Hassle-Free Banking Experience with Kwantics Speech AI Solutions



Automate Inbound Calls

Automate level-1 customer queries and get answers to frequently asked questions or financial product information like loans, credit cards, insurance, brokers and many more.


Collection Calls

Reach out to delinquent customers at higher churn rate at scale with ease in debt collection.


Sales Lead Qualification

With Kwantics Speech AI Voice Assistant’s natural conversations and powerful analytics, reach out to cold leads, retarget existing leads, and streamline follow-ups.


Renewal and Reminders

Remind customers on due bills and send them the payment details and mode of payments right on the same call.


Create Tickets

For queries requiring more involved processes regarding financial products, generate tickets automatically.


Payment Communications

Notify customers with ease about payment or repayment options, send links to the website for more information and account alerts.