A machine that only understands 0’s and 1’s, for it to comprehend natural human language can be quite a tough cookie to crack. What makes it possible then? Something called Natural Language Understanding (NLU). NLU is a branch of machine learning which defines its ability to understand and process human language. Few applications of NLP are:


1. Text Categorization & Classification: NLU enables systems to analyze and assign textual input (either plain text or STT converted text) into predefined categories based on the content. Few applications of text categorization include Spam filtration in emails, script compliance, etc.

2. Automatic Summarization: NLU creates compact, fluent summaries from long text documents to shorten the reading time and avoid information overload.


3. Voicebot: NLU enables a voicebot to understand the intent behind the customer’s speech and extract important entities from that.

4. Question Answering & Semantic Parsing: Question Answering (QA) systems enable machines to answer the questions asked automatically in natural human language. It can be used either as a spoken dialog interface or as a text-only system.

5. Sentiment Analysis/Emotion Mining: NLU helps identify and measure the sentiment behind an opinion or context, which can be really helpful in driving purchase decisions.


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