With millions of hours of call data recorded each day, contact centers are sitting on a wealth of information. Information that can help them and their clients in ways that were not thought of before. The impact is huge – from incremental productivity gains to transformational customer experience in contact centers.

Call analysis has long been delegated to call quality monitoring teams. Teams that are armed with very rudimentary tools – at times not more than a playback app, a document editor and a spreadsheet. They are then expected to unearth the most earth shattering insights from call data. Result – a frustrated team, a less than satisfied management and disappointed clients.

AI has the power to change this for good. Speech analysis is a potent tool that can immensely help call quality monitoring teams. With the help of this technology all calls can be accurately parameterized, categorized, audited and transcribed. The insights can add a new dimension to your client’s business strategy. Whether it is their marketing team or customer experience team or compliance team or operations team, all can benefit from this technology.

Contact center operations are not just back end processes which are going through the motions every day, but also the means to potentially impact business outcomes for their clients.

Kwantics have a variety of Speech AI solutions that can boost the productivity and automation of call centers. 

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