Development in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is proliferating day by day. Almost every business sector is currently implementing AI-enabled solutions to acquire efficient business processing. AI technology transformed many industries with highly innovative and real-time solutions. Contact centers are one of the leading industries where AI solutions are being implemented. According to Markets and Markets,  the AI-Powered call center market size is expected to grow up to USD 2.8 billion by 2024. The Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is expected to be 28.5% during 2019–2024. AI for Call Centers  consists of various customized solutions as per the business needs. A few popular AI solutions for call centers are: 

Voice assistant

Speech synthesis

Sentiment analysis  

Speech recognition 

Speech analytics 

The several contact center transformations occurred are below:

1. Obtaining Accurate Call Interaction Data: 

female Agent with data analysis

AI-enabled Speech Analytics is a powerful solution for call centers. It identifies, analyzes, and monitors the call interaction. It is capable of detecting particular keywords/phrases spoken by customers and agents. This information can be further used in categorizing the calls and creating alerts for high priority actions. Based on data, the customer’s intention can be detected, and an agent’s abilities can be examined. These things enable contact center managers to improve several operations. Training methods enhancement, developing marketing strategies, improved product or service quality, and operational efficiency are significant advantages. Multilingual speech-to-text conversion of call interaction is the feature of AI Speech Recognition. Transcription of customer calls can be utilized to search for important information quickly. Managers can use documents and videos to develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) using a call’s text data. 

2. Capability of Customer Behaviour Detection:

AI-Powered Semantic Analysis can detect the feelings of the speaker by identifying the spoken words. Knowledge of customer’s intention helps to identify customer’s buying journey. Based on the Semantic Analysis report, the organization can:

                 1) Bring innovation to fulfill customer requirements.

                 2) Enhance marketing strategies to target genuine customers.

                3) Quality improvement in product/service.

               4) Can predict customer problems to avoid future loss 

The semantic analysis feature is implemented in several AI products to serve for different purposes. The personal-level interaction enriches the customer experience. The AI-powered products keep a record of the customer’s previous interactions. A mixed-language speech recognition feature can accurately understand the speaker’s conversation. Based on such intelligent factors of AI products, the accurate intention of the customer can be predicted. Voice assistants or agents can make an appropriate product suggestion based on previous interaction with customers. Predicting future problems of the customer will help in identifying future challenges. 

3. Automation of Customer Interaction Process: 

AI bot automation 24X7

The automation brings efficiency in processes and improves productivity. AI Voice Assistant by Kwantics enhances the ability of several functions in contact centers. It fills the gap of human interference. The Voice Assistant can communicate in a natural human-like voice with the customer. Voice assistants can understand complex issues of the customer and answers them accurately. It keeps track of recent interaction with customers. It understands the context, preferences to provide personal level customer experience. A multilingual support feature can understand the various languages and can speak too. Automation softwares for call centers are utilized to increase automation in the contact centers. Automation can reduce expenditures and speed-up the processing to increase productivity and enables seamless services. Due to no human interference required, the system works flawlessly. 

4. Monitoring Agent Performance:

Contact center agents are responsible for interacting with customers. The agent must be talented and skilled enough to resolve the customer’s issues. AI contributes here also to monitor agent performance. The speech analytics produces a report of call interaction between agent and customer. By evaluating the report, managers can understand the agent’s glitches. This can save the manager’s time of monitoring agents personally. The analysis of agent performance assists the trainers in detecting training procedures flaws. Developed training sessions can train the agents correctly. 

5. Identifying the Type of Customer Call:

Call center automation software can enhance the efficiency in contact center processes. The valuable information produced by this AI-Powered software can assists managers in making strategic decisions. It accurately identifies the call category and transfers it towards the best agent who can effectively handle it. It allows agents to access and exchange information in real-time. Quick access to information reduces customer wait time, and the customer feels valued. 

6. Cost Reduction:

AI Bot reducing cost overtime

Reduced cost is another major factor that motivates contact centers to implement AI-based approaches. Two significant resources where most call center money is spent are Human Resource and Other Equipment Resource. Expenditure of hiring human resources like agent supervisor, voice-over personnel can be reduced through Artificial Intelligence. Not only call center, global giants like Amazon is using AI for recruitment. Other Equipment Resource utilization can be determined so that managers can invest in those resources accordingly. Money Saved can be utilized for other essential business purposes. 

 7. Personalized Marketing:

Contact centers spend a lot on hiring agents to do repetitive tasks like making marketing calls. It is time-consuming and limited to a set number of calls compared to an AI bot that can make calls 24/7. AI voice assistants can replace the agent here so the agent can focus on more productive activities. It enhances the customer experience by listening, understanding the queries accurately and respond in multiple languages so the customer can communicate efficiently. It can make personal calls to the customers by only altering the first name with customized messages. The past customer call insights can be utilized while targeting them for personalized marketing. Personalized marketing can also be done through SMS marketing, email marketing, etc. 

Artificial Intelligence brought drastic evolution in the contact center industry. AI is not only changing the contact centers, but it is also becoming part of everyday life. AI is the future for almost all industries. It’s vital to implement AI solutions for better customer experience and to survive in a competitive world. 

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