According to reports, 89% of industries in the market compete primarily on the basis of customer experience today. And the Banking sector is no exception to it. In fact, customer service has become more important than ever for banks. This is because banks need to gain their customer’s trust and loyalty to expand their business. Hence, they are switching to technology to attract and retain their customers. Call center solutions are helping to overcome the challenges faced by banks by replacing human agents with voice bots to answer basic queries. Also, they provide additional services like valuable insights which boost the business. 

Kwantics AI-powered call center solutions effectively provide a way for banks to face these challenges. We make sure that your business can provide the best possible customer experience. With our AI-Powered voice assistant to help your agents with a human-like conversation and providing insights, Kwantics makes it certain that you will lead the market. Additionally, our speech analytics technology provides valuable business insights. 

How Can Call Center Solutions Aid Banks? 

Kwantics provides a variety of services that can be helpful for the banking sector. They will help you to provide quality customer experience. Here are some of them. 

1. Transactions and Transfer Inquiries


9 Call Center Solutions that Create a Seamless Banking Experience, Kwantics

Customers contact banks for basic inquiries on a daily basis. But, banks are unable to respond in time due to the high volume of requests. As a result, customers face poor service experience and lose trust in the bank.

However, you don’t need to worry. At Kwantics, we work with AI-Powered Voice Assistant which can provide the customers with self-service solutions. They can answer customers’ basic queries with a human-like conversation and can help them to:

  • Handle balance inquiries
  • Go through their transaction history
  • Take new product requests
  • Get answers to FAQs

With these solutions, customers can get real-time query resolution in the comfort of their homes. Moreover, it will improve their banking experience and they will be more likely to invest in your bank again. 

2. Account Updates

Getting account details updated can be a very difficult task for customers. It requires having to wait for hours at the banks and filling hundreds of forms. Even then, the updating process goes on for a long time. It makes customers lose patience and creates a bad impression. 

Kwantics provides AI-powered Voice Assistants which can update information easily, taking no time at all. They are helpful in:

  • Updating basic account information
  • Getting enrolled in the bank’s programs and services
  • Helping with login and password reset

3. Loan Services

Applying for a loan in banks is not easy. Sometimes, loan approval can take months. Banks tackle thousands of such customers day in and day out. Many of them get neglected due to inefficient customer support and it affects their experience. 

With the help of Intelligent Virtual Assistant by Kwantics, your customers can:

  • Easily apply for loans, credit cards
  • Check application status online
  • Make payments on loans
  • Get interest and interest rate information

Using these solutions by Kwantics, applying for loans can be made easier. Our AI-Powered Voice Assistants can have a natural conversation to make your customers feel comfortable. Therefore, it will take your customer service experience to a whole new level. 

4. Fraud Alerts/ Security

Almost every banking organization is prone to fraud. Customers need to trust that their money will be safe in your bank. Thus, with an increase in cybercrimes every day, banks need to become more careful. 

Kwantics’ AI solutions can help you build the customers’ trust. Using technologies like Machine Learning to determine peak risk scores, we can give fraud alerts to customers without them having to interact with an agent. With the help of AI solutions by Kwantics, banks can:

  • Detect unusual patterns and behaviour 
  • Instantly notify the customers
  • Suggest steps for fraud resolution
  • Provide options to view and flag fraudulent charges

5. Avoiding Long Hold Times 

9 Call Center Solutions that Create a Seamless Banking Experience, Kwantics

Waiting on hold for hours just to get some basic answers can make the customers irritated and impatient. For a seamless customer experience, banks need to cut down on long hold times.  

With Conversational AI Voice Assistant by Kwantics, customers do not need to stay on hold at all.  It can answer their basic queries instantly. The voice assistant can have a human-like conversation with 24/7 support even at wee hours and can handle multiple calls at the same time. Above all, it will certainly improve the customer experience and improve the quality of customer support provided by banks. 

6. Billing and Collections

Keeping track of all their dues and bills can be difficult for customers. Also, it can be hectic to visit banks now and then just to pay the bills. Thus, they expect the banks to do something about these problems. 

By using AI facilities by Kwantics, banks can provide their customers with a system to keep track of their bills. In can be helpful to:

  • Set up automatic payments
  • Use paperless billing service
  • Check balance
  • Process payment details
  • Get reminders about due payments

8. Getting Valuable Insights

How beneficial it could be if the banks could know how their customers feel about their customer service? With the speech analytics technology by Kwantics, banks can:

  • Understand customer sentiment
  • Get a real-time report on customer behaviour
  • Monitor calls
  • Get leads to boost business
  • Know which customer is likely to invest
  • Keep a check on call center agent performance

9. Payment Arrangements 

Any customer can be a victim of a financial crisis due to various reasons. It can make them feel embarrassed while interacting with the debt collection companies. It is human nature and it can’t be avoided. 

But, why would a human be embarrassed in front of an AI? Using the AI Voice Assistants by Kwantics, customers can avoid the embarrassment of explaining their financial history to a human agent. It will make them more comfortable and they will be much more likely to invest in your business again. 


In conclusion, call center solutions might become necessary soon for the banking sector. AI-Powered Voice assistants by Kwantics will not only help in improving customer service, but it will also make our jobs easier. Thus, with Kwantics you can relax because we are here to help you provide the best possible customer experience ever!

We help in providing solutions that can help in increasing call center automation and take banking business to newer heights. We offer a live demo of our AI-Powered solutions and answer your queries.

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